Francis Falzarano PhD

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EducationChinese Literature PhD
Experience 10 Years
ExpertiseChinese language, literature, philosophy and culture

Chinese Taught The American Way

Step by step student guidance

Calm and relaxed encouragement

American Teaching Style

A PhD Who Understands the American Student

I started studying Chinese when I was 24, a relatively late age for learning language. After starting to learn Chinese I realized that it is not as difficult to learn as others make it out to be. Chinese Grammar is very simple and all are present in English. If you can adjust to the rhythm of Chinese speech you will be fine. My classes are not the normal Chinese courses. I am able to explain things in a way that only a native English speaker can. I can use my insight as a fellow second language learner to make the transition to fluency smoother. I also have a PhD in Chinese literature and a deep understanding of ancient Chinese thought, religion and literature. I have classes that are made for non-Chinese speakers in Chinese philosophy and literature. I believe that learning new ways of thought can be beneficial to the mind, body and soul.