Alice Chen

learn chinese
EducationChinese certification graduate and mba
Experience 4 Years
ExpertiseHSK and HSK Test prep, Chinese Culture, calligraphy, grammar and language instruction

I Will Make Sure You Learn!

Creative interactive activities

Image based teaching technique

Outgoing and upbeat encouragement

Work Hard and Have Fun!

Learning Mandarin Chinese should be fun. In my class, we will have plentiful activities such as games, songs, videos, projects, etc. I also use the project-based-learning (PBL) method, which means we will be working on a real-life project by the end of term
The slogan of my class is “We work hard and we play hard.” To have a successful learning experience, we all will need to work hard. Apart from meeting me online for class, there will be other assignments. If you are ready for a fun Chinese class and are willing to commit your time and effort to it, please join my class!