Shelly Li

learn chinese


EducationBachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Fluent in Japanese
Experience 4 Years
ExpertiseBusiness & News Chinese, Test & Speech prep

Energetic and Fun Class!

Feel Confident about Learning!

Physical teaching style

Outgoing and enthusiastic encouragement

Adaptive & fluid course structure

Make Chinese a part of life!

Through my years of experience teaching Chinese I have realized that teaching people out of their necessity makes learning Chinese easy. So I have developed a teaching method that “Use everyday life to teach formal grammar, Use a specialized method to teach everyday Chinese”. I will use this technique to help Chinese become a part of your life, and become internalized. I will teach you Chinese that you will be using everyday in your life. If you want to make Chinese friends, go abroad for travel, study or business or any other reason, I can help you reach your goal.