Unique Education

Mission & Method

learn chinese online
learn chinese online

How You Internalize

learn chinese online
learn chinese online
learn chinese online
learn chinese online

Class Structure

Launch Boat


8 Hours

16 Sessions



Make an Impression

  • Introduce self & greetings
  • Numbers, Times, dates and days
  • Learn everyday items
  • Express basic opinion
Balance Boat


8 Hours

16 Sessions



Describe Surroundings

  • Describe general items and features
  • Describe your Location
  • Compare differences in items
  • Describe yourself
Command Boat


8 Hours

16 Sessions



Actions & Reasons

  • Give reasons and explanations
  • Describe experiences & activities
  • Describe your day to day habits
Explore Boat


8 Hours

16 Sessions



Feelings and Opinions

  • Describe your feelings in certain situations
  • Express opinion about topics
  • Discuss special topics



What Comes With Your Class

PhD On Site

Dr. Rano’s expertise

Published Chinese PhD

Explanations for English speakers

10 Years Experience

Reinforced Course

Personal Assistant

Answer All Questions

Reinforce materials

Assist in finding more resources

Designed With Style

Expert Course Design

Native + US Tandem

PhDs & Masters

Structured Method

Suitable For all Ages

Personalized homework

Practice Perfect

Language Exchange

Practice with native speaker

Reinforce lessons

Learn about other culture

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